How to Find a Top Car Repair Shop in Your Area

There is no bigger fear than to bring your vehicle to a mechanic and get ripped off!

With the technology in modern cars and trucks today there is no simple fix anymore. Everything is computer based and the car manufacturers have tried to create technology that requires a trip to the dealership anytime you have a car problem!

By now you probably realize that other than warranty work a car dealer is the last place you want to bring your vehicle for work.

You just can’t trust them to give you an honest answer and often charge outrageous repair prices.

The fact is, a good, trustworthy car repair shop can save you a lot of money in the long run. Unfortunately, finding a professional and honest auto mechanic can be a difficult task.

Where Should I Take my Vehicle for repairs?

You pretty much have three choices.

A Large national chain like Pep Boys and car dealerships are two obvious options. The problem is, they are all about increasing profit and this can result in additional costs for repairs or services that could wait or unnecessary repair costs.

You usually deal with a service sales rep and never meet or talk with the mechanic actually working on your car.

Other than a standard oil change, locally owned car repair shops are your best option. Other than warranty work it is usually best to avoid car dealership service departments.

Why Choose a Local Auto Repair Shop?

Local mechanics have to try harder because their reputation in the community is on the line and they understand that their success against the big guys is building long term relationships with all their customers.

The person working on your car is commonly the owner or a mechanic that works directly with the owner. Over time they get to know your vehicle inside and out, and can warn you about upcoming service and repairs such as brakes.

A good local mechanic tries to save you money by working with you and always notifies you if there are additional repairs or costs before they do any work.

How to Find a Good Local Auto Repair Shop

There are a few good ways to find a good local car repair shop in your area.

  • Ask your friends, co-workers, or neighbors if they know of a good local mechanic. You get some good info about honest mechanics and shops to avoid.
  • Google Auto Repair Shops and read the reviews! Do they look phony? Look at Google Reviews, Yelp, Kudzu and other review sites. You will start to see a common thread.
  • Talk to the owner and ask questions. Is he responsive and forthcoming? Is his shop busy? Do they have the latest technology to diagnose car problems?

Finding a Good Car Repair Shop?

Ask yourself the following questions to determine whether you’ve found a good mechanic or not.

  1. What are their affiliations? Are they registered with the National Institute of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE)?
  2. Are they affiliated with other trade associations such as the Automotive Service Association (ASA) or American Automobile Association (AAA)? I
  3. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB) for customer complaints.
  4. Do they stand behind their work? What is their warranty policy? The longer the better. Is it only for parts, or does it also include labor?
  5. Does the mechanic give you options that you can help you save you money? This is big sign of an honest repair shop.
  6. Will they let you watch while they work? An honest mechanic is not afraid to let you sit nearby to watch them work.
  7. Are they friendly, helpful, and responsive to your questions? A good mechanic does not mind explaining and educating their customers about their vehicles.

When you find a Good Mechanic spread the word!

Let them know how much you appreciate them and spread the word. If you feel good about the experience go online and leave reviews! Remember, most local car repair shops do not have the huge advertising budgets dealers and franchises have and need word of mouth to stay in business.

If you find a good and honest mechanic help in stay in business by referring new customers to his shop!

Found a good shop and want to spread the word? Send us an email and we will list them here!

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